Harassed and Abused: Difficulties in the life of a Pet Owner


A majority of the housing societies in India have bigoted rules against having pets in these societies. The pet owners living in these societies are bashed for having pets. They are also harassed for being the owners of a pet animal. While, it is true that for a society to function smoothly and in harmony, there need to be rules, but these rules that are against pets are very outlandish and most of the time, illegal.

People ridicule and harass the pet owners when they bring their pets to the society parks. This is unacceptable as it is not legal for the people to impose such laws against having pets. Moreover, some places even impose fines on bringing the pets out in the open in public spaces. Nobody has the right to do this in any way.

Why do people show such an attitude towards pet owners? Here’s what we think might help you avoid harassment for having a pet.

While the biggest reason why people show such a negative attitude against pets is that they are prejudiced, there are some other things that you can take care of to make sure you don’t give anyone the chance to speak against you for having a pet. You need to play your part as well.

The most important of those is that you train your pets. A lot of people feel uncomfortable with pets in housing societies because of the hygiene issues that might exist. This is a major cause of the hate against pets that we experience all around us. What you can do, however, is to potty train your pet so that it does not affect the hygiene of the environment that it is in and make people feel irked.

You should also train your pets to be friendly with strangers so that they do not threaten someone or attack them. A lot of people are scared of animals and perhaps that is why they are against having pets in housing areas. And use a leash when you are in a public space such as a community park, to make the people feel secure and safe around your pet.

Laws that every pet owner must be aware of:

The following are some of the laws set by the Animal Welfare Board of India.

  1. Banning keeping pets in housing societies is illegal, even if there is a consensus in favor of it.
  1. There cannot be any laws against pets using elevators in a building.
  1. Nobody can ban pets from entering community parks and other public spaces, in any case.
  1. The barking of dogs is not a legit reason to impose any ban on pets.
  1. There cannot be any discrimination based on the breed or size of the pets that are allowed in a residential society.


The rules that people have imposed against having pets in a housing society/residential area are completely invalid and illegal. The harassment that pet owners face in housing societies is unacceptable and it needs to end. However, pet owners also need to do their part to make sure they are taking care of other people and ensure that they are not inconvenienced in any way.

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