Pet Shops: The Good, The Bad & The Required Improvements

A decade or two ago, there wasn’t a trend of pet shops here. There weren’t many pet shops that catered to the needs of those who wanted to purchase a pet animal, or buy items that helped them take good care of their pets. But so it happens, pet shops are becoming more and more common around the globe and now people are able to buy pets with ease and are able to take proper care of them.

But, as with all things in the world, there are some disadvantages or negative points of pet shops and there are also some things that require improvements. We’ll discuss these points in detail with you.

Pets are not objects or commodities. Stop treating them as such.

As we have observed, most pet shop owners look at the animals as commodities or objects that help them increase their wealth. This is absolutely unacceptable and the pet shop owners need to start looking at the customers as a good home for the animals. It’s all about the mindset of the owners that will make sure that the animals get the right home for themselves.

Are pet shops, prisons for the animals? Yeah, in most cases, they are.

Most of the animals are it dogs or cats, or any other animals, are kept in very tight and tiny cages that are very unhygienic as well. The animals need to socialize with the other animals and need to have a good amount of free space to stay healthy. But, the pet shop owners look for the tiniest cages to cram in as many animals as they can. This is animal cruelty.

Inbreeding needs to stop! The animals suffer because of it.

The heels are usually chosen for the breed pure. But this breed purity is often achieved with inbreeding which is dangerous for the animals and it can cause different problems in them such as immobility, skin allergies, joint issues and breathing difficulties. Now, pet shop owners do this all the time, and they need to stop at once.

There are responsible breeders, and our concluding remarks:

Though most of the pet owners do wrong practices for their own financial benefits, there are breeders who take care about who the animals are going to and focus on providing them with a good home and not only their financial benefits.

Further, the pet shops are also good for stray animals as they are able to get into proper homes through these shops most of the times.

Well, we agree that pet shops are a good way for animals to stay safe and find good homes, but we need to make sure that the pet shop owners are not being cruel to these animals in any way. Because like we said before, animals are not objects. They must not be treated as such and the pet shop owners need to look beyond their financial gains and do some good by helping the animals find good homes where they can grow, be safe and have a good life.


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