Petting a Parrot Can Put You Behind Bars

We all know people who love birds and like to keep them as pets. Among the uncountable species of birds, are the common Indian parrots that people adore. Though people might love them and adore them for the beauty that they are, and want to keep them as pets to take good care of them – it is a punishable offense.

According to the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, it is illegal to pet (cage) any Indian bird as they come under the category of wild animals and therefore, are protected by the law. So, this means, that if someone pets a parrot, they are bound to get punished for it, as it is against the laws.

This is why such laws are necessary to protect wildlife:

There are illegal poachers, traders and also, the illegal hunting of wildlife taking place all over the world which results in making the wildlife species go extinct, sooner or later, which is not right for the well being of the environment, and the world, in general. Every animal, in one way or another, plays a major role in the cycle of life & food cycle.

  • Illegal hunting, trading, and caging of the wildlife are resulting in endangering the wildlife species. 
  • All wildlife deserves to live in their natural habitat and be free from harm and danger that the humans might cause. 
  • Birds are meant to fly; keeping them caged and as a pet only takes away the right that nature has granted them. 

What to do if you find/have a parrot?

If you have a parrot as a pet or suppose you find a parrot somewhere and want to rescue it, what you have to do is contact the nearest forest department so that they can return the parrot to its natural habitat. This will save the parrot and will also make sure that you do not commit an offense against the Wildlife Protection Act.


While we understand the love that people have for birds which includes parrots, we fail to realize the natural rights of these wildlife animals. They deserve to live in their natural habitat and be free to roam the sky as they please. The wildlife is facing extinction all over the world due to the wrong actions of human beings. There is illegal hunting, poaching, and trading of birds taking place all over the world which is harming nature. All of us need to play our part and protect wildlife and the natural environment to ensure a sustainable future.

Further, being good human beings, it is our role to act according to laws so we need to consider the Wildlife Protection Act rules and not go against them in any manner. We hope our article provided you with insights on how we can play our part in keeping the animals safe.

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