Puppy Care!

Cuddling a frisky and cute puppy is probably the best feeling in this world. It is a blessing to have an adorable puppy and to see him growing. Just like an infant baby, a puppy needs utmost care. When you bring a puppy home, along with happiness comes a great responsibility. You can think of leaving an adult dog alone at home but not a puppy. You may notice some illness symptoms in your pup even if you are monitoring his diet and routine. Well, you have to notice every bit of his activity especially in the early days. Keep a contact with a good vet and take your pup on routine checkups so that the vet can morph his progress and take respective measures. Ask the vet regarding the type of food which should be given to your pet. The diet depends a lot on the breed and health condition of the pup. Vaccinations are very important for puppies. Make sure your pup is vaccinated against every possible condition. The next important part is the food which you are choosing. You should not give the same dog food which you are giving to your adult dog. Choose the brand which is trustworthy and which is ideal for meeting the nutritional requirements of a pup. Feed your pup in small proportions multiple times a day. Next comes hygiene. Keep a strict track of the bathroom routine of your pup. This is the most difficult part as a loose of the track will end up leaving your home all messed up. We are pretty sure you don’t want your pup ruin your favorite carpet. To avoid this, take your pup out at different intervals. You should take special care when he wakes up, do some physical exercise, play, before going to bed and after a meal. Another important step is to spend a lot of time with him. You don’t need any other kind of entertainment be it a television, internet, movie or friends when you have your furry baby with you to play with. Playing with him is equally important for his good health. Spending more time with him will also develop respect for you. You can add some lessons of obedience and manners whenever it is likely to start the learning process at an early age. Notice the activities keenly and consult a vet if you observe any early signs of illness like weight loss, pale gums, weakness, coughing, vomiting, laziness, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing or any other sudden change in activity. There are many other steps you have to keep in mind but these are some of the most important ones. It is in your hand to instill upstanding qualities in your puppy. Overall, take a good care of his health and hygiene, love him unconditionally, play with him like a child and keep him safe like a parent.
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