Snake Charmers: Does This Tradition Needs To Stop?

Snake charmers have always been a fixture at the festivals, beguiling crowds, and markets with their ability to control the venomous reptiles which are among the deadliest in the world in the reptile category. But this fixture is fading away and perhaps it is for the best. Because according to animal rights activists, this is an art that is cruel to the animals.

Just because it is a tradition, doesn’t mean it’s good and acceptable. These reptiles that are used for this traditional “art” are facing cruelty as they are caged and not allowed to live freely in the wilderness as they deserve. And, it is also dangerous as most of these snakes are extremely venomous and can cause harm to human life. Hence, snake charmers need to stop, both for the sake of humans and animals.

The Ban On Snake Charming: All For The Better Of Animals & Humans.

Snake charming was banned in 1991 under the Wildlife Protection Act’s amendment. The law prohibited snake charming. Catching and owning snakes was made prohibited. But the snake charmers kept on ignoring the laws and kept on performing. But it was recently that animal activists came to rise and started raising their voice against this practice and said that this tradition is abusive to the reptiles.

Are the animal activists right for raising their voice against snake charming?

Yes! They are because it is true that this is animal cruelty and it needs to stop. It isn’t safe for human beings as well. Snakes, like all animals, deserve to stay in their natural habitat, in the wilderness and be free. Capturing them and then using them for entertainment is unacceptable in every sense. Perhaps by raising our voices in support of stopping animal cruelty and following the regulations of wildlife authorities, we can work together to stop the abuse that these animals face.

Some might say that this is a traditional practice and it needs to keep going on but we can’t be ignorant about the fact that the snakes are trapped and are not being given the freedom that they deserve. And let’s not ignore the harm that these venomous reptiles can potentially cause to human beings. 

Concluding thoughts:

Animal cruelty exists in many forms and snake charming is one of them. Though it does not seem like it, the snakes are being abused for entertainment purposes. The Wildlife Protection Act imposed the laws to stop this because this is a wrong practice. 

Awareness needs to be spread and we need to play our part in making the animal abuse stop once and for all and ensure that the species are not endangered in any manner. We hope that our article was able to provide you with much needed insights on animal rights.

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