Trading Peacock’s Feathers: We Need To Protect The National Bird

Peacocks are magnificent birds that look gorgeous and majestic. Their beauty mesmerizes people. When they spread their beautiful feathers, we see all the aesthetics of nature at display in the best manner possible. The national bird’s fanned feathers are a display of beauty and mysticism but unfortunately, this sight is becoming rarer by the day, and it is completely unacceptable.

Peacocks are being killed for maintaining the illegal trade of their feathers which are used, for a major part, for creating decorations. These trades are resulting in endangering the species. Well, let us put it out clearly for everyone: it is our responsibility to protect our national bird – the peacocks. And make sure that they are not made extinct in any way.  

The Ban Put On The Trade Of Peacock Feathers To Ensure The Preservation Of The Wildlife Bird:

The Environment Ministry decided to ban the trading of peacock feathers to make sure that the specie of this bird is preserved. Though, the exact number of this bird in the country is not known currently, it is evident and obvious that the number is dwindling because of the poaching of its feathers which are sold for a high price in the markets.

  • According to the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, the trading of peacock feathers that are shed naturally is accepted. But because of the people not understanding the law clearly, a lot of peacocks died for their feathers at the time.

What We Can Do To Protect The Peacocks:

Thanks to the internet, the best thing we can do is spread awareness about things that matter. Following the rules and regulations set by the wildlife authority and then spreading awareness is good to ensure the protection of peacocks. Their numbers have gone down significantly in the past and we cannot afford to make them become an extinct species.

  • The laws by wildlife and environmental authority can only do so much! We need to start spreading awareness so that the poaching and trading of wildlife stop completely.

We cannot afford to make the peacocks become a rarity. So, a minor step that we all take can result in ensuring that these beautiful birds keep roaming in their natural habitat like they deserve to.


Wildlife poaching and trading are increasing all over the world because people keep buying from those who sell! This is wrong and needs to stop completely. If we follow the laws and regulations and make sure that we are taking care of the wildlife birds and all other species, we can make sure that we have a good environment that is sustainable for future generations. All wildlife birds need the freedom to live in their natural habitat and be free to roam around without any harm or risks from humans.

Play your part and protect and preserve the wildlife. We hope our article gave you the necessary insights that we all need to spread.

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